Editing Services

I offer a range of editing services, from developmental editing of fiction to final proof-reading of theses.

It is difficult to put an exact figure on the costs involved, as this will vary according to the quality of the writing and the scope and complexity of the work. However, I do know how difficult it is to approach an editor without a rough idea of the costs involved, so the following should help:

Developmental edit of a full-length novel, which includes critique of elements such as plot, narration and character portrayal and in-line commentary.   £15 – £30 per 1,000 words (80,000 word novel of reasonable standard would therefore = £1200).

Structural edit of a 20,000 word dissertation. £500 – £800, depending on quality of work. Please note that I do NOT alter the content of any academic papers, but offer an editing process that ensures the logical sequence and flow of the work and a grammatical edit at sentence level.

I am also available for regular mentoring for a small number of writers – so, if you are feeling stuck or unsure about an aspect of your writing do get in touch for a chat about how I might help!


I may be available to facilitate Creative Writing workshops or courses – please get in touch! Any upcoming events will be posted here.